Hammer and Feather

by Arms and Ears

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released March 9, 2014

Rocco D'Angelo - Vox, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Alex Martin - Drums, Percussion
Theresa Cleary - Violin
Casey Sullivan - Vox
Ally Mahoney - Vox



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Arms and Ears Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Hammer and Feather
Close my eyes and sew them shut
there's no surprise till they're bound and stuck
i've fallen down and i'm crawling on all fours
for a small, small chance
to make it to her door

She's a fire and she warms my bones
but im outside, i'm left out in the cold
im balled up and im waiting out the storm
for a small, small chance
to make it to her door

Crash down to the solid ground
it's not strong enough to break
but it's hard enough to wake me
and there's no looking up
when the ground is getting nearer
the ground is getting nearer
Track Name: Egypt
It's a feeling that won't go
it steps on all your toes
and leaves you wishing you could walk away
I won't tell them if you won't
because I know something that they don't
there's a secret in Egypt or so they say, so they say

it must be something that we did
in empty space, and open air

Now we know all there is to know
and there's no mystery left in this world
so the canvas grows dull
but I know something that they don't

now we're staring at dark skies
to see what we can't with out eyes
the truth or the end i can't decide, can't decide
and it all comes back eventually
and we'll see things we wished we'd seen
with different eyes, different minds, and a different place in time

we're not the same and im not to blame
we're not the same but we're living
on our own
Track Name: They Don't Need To Know
I've been growing lines but i've been acting half as wise
thought i learned once, nothing comes for half the price
thought i learned why, but back then I wasn't half as sly
so kiss me goodnight for the first time and last time in our lives

They don't need to know, they don't need to know
what happens in the dark, what happens in the dark

Darling you believe nothing and everything
been hiding up in trees, but i've been shaking all your leaves
fall down to me, as moving as the wind we'll be
no apologies, as simple as a masterpiece

what happens in the dark stays in the dark

we awake bathed in light
the sun will keep on shining, we'll stay forever blinded
i'm still out of luck
i'll tell every living soul that no one needs to know